War on Beast

2018 - series


Queen of lost causes, in charge of finding a closure deal for a factory in the Vosges, work inspector Rita knows that she will be able to save a few employees over a hundred of dismissed workers. However, on her way home at night, the lights of her old car illuminate a half naked young girl, running in the dark… Because factories are full of dangerous men, who have nothing left to loose. Like the trade unionist Martel who hides his tattoos, or the bodybuilder under steroids Bruce.
These guys had the wrong idea when they decided to kidnap a young hooker on Strasbourg’s pavement, to sell her to local big shots who run the show between Epinal and Nancy.

« War on Beast » is about a woman, fighting for these downgraded men, trapped in this slowly dying world… 


Written by :

Nicolas Mathieu, Alain Tasma

Executive Producer :

Thomas Anargyros 

Producer :

Sabine Barthélémy 

Line Producer :

Frédéric Bruneel 

Director :

 Alain Tasma 

Cast :

Roschdy Zem, Olivia Bonamy, Florent Dorizon, Rod Paradot, Tcheky Karyo, Yann Pradal 

Format :

6 * 52' 

Broadcaster :  France 3
In Partner with :  France Télévisions, Banque Postale Image 11, Région Grand Est, Eurométropole de Strasbourg, ANGOA, PROCIREP-Société des producteurs, France Télévisions Distribution, CNC

TV adaptation of the french novel, of the same name, written Nicolas Mathieu (Actes Sud)


Award for Best Actor in a French TV Series (Roschdy Zem) at the Series Mania Festival 2018



Benoît Linder - Storia Television


Benoît Linder - Storia Television


Benoît Linder - Storia Television


Benoît Linder - Storia Television


Benoît Linder - Storia Television


Benoît Linder - Storia Television