Unfaithful Season 2

2020 - series


Over time, life regained its normality and Doctor Emma Sandrelli is focusing on her work and taking care of her son. But the question remains : how will she recover from her world collapsing? The arrival of Gabriel, a 25 years old osteopath, at her medical cabinet will force her to ask herself whether or not she can trust again and more importantly if she still believes in love. His charm is undeniable and Emma is not insensitive to it, but can she count on her instinct? Is Gabriel the tender and reliable man he seems to be? Luigi does not think so and is reluctant to see this new man entering his mother’s life. A lot has happened over the course of the last few months and the teenager has changed : he learned how to lie and is fooling everyone…
Despite his anger towards his father, Luigi decided, behind Emma’s back, to see him again. The man he used to idealize is holding on by a thread : struggling with money, he feels trapped in his everyday life that he shares with Candice and their newborn. Matteo is trying to save his relationship, but Candice is facing a postpartum depression and is wondering if she made a mistake having this baby… 


Written by :

Pierre Linhart with collaboration of Jennifer Have et Anne Peyrègne

Executive Producer :

Thomas Anargyros, Pierre-Marie Gadonneix, Géry Leymergie

Producer :

Sabine Barthélémy

Line Producteur :

Frédéric Bruneel 

Directors :

Didier Le Pêcheur, Didier Bivel

Cast :

Claire Keim, Jonathan Zaccaï, Grégoire Paturel, Chloé Jouannet, Tom Leeb, Philippe Torreton, Natalia Dontcheva 

Format :

6 * 52' 

Broadcasters : TF1, RTBF (Television Belge)

Coproducers : BBC Studios France, TF1, Be-FILMS, RTBF

In Partner with : TF1 Droits Audiovisuels, CNC

Based on the original tv show Doctor Foster produced by Drama Republic for BBC, distributed by BBC Studios France. 



François Lefebvre – Storia Television – TF1


François Lefebvre – Storia Television – TF1


François Lefebvre – Storia Television – TF1


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Marie Etchegoyen – Storia Television – TF1


Marie Etchegoyen – Storia Television – TF1


François Lefebvre – Storia Television – TF1


François Lefebvre – Storia Television – TF1


François Lefebvre – Storia Television – TF1