The Crimson Rivers Season 3

In production - series


Captain Pierre Niemans and lieutenant Camille Delaunay, closer than ever after a series of dark, complexe and intense investigations, are sent out across France to resolve some gruesome murders. Explosive and inseparable, they will dive into singular universes that will awake deep secrets, ones they thought were buried forever. Some stitched bodies discovered in the mountains during a neo-pagan festival, a mad serial killer trying to reintroduce the plague virus into town, an angel of death raging in the most dangerous prison in Europe… Having to deal with uncanny investigations, Niemans and Camille won’t emerged unscathed. Because even if they are the only ones that can solve those mysteries, they will quickly discover that it is sometimes wiser and safer to keep the truth buried.
Especially when it involves them directly … 


Written by :

Jean-Christophe Grangé, Olivier Prieur, Thomas Mansuy, Mathieu Leblanc, Sylvie Simon

Executive Producer :

Sabine Barthélémy, Thomas Anargyros

Artistic producer :

Louis Grangé 

Line Producteur :

Frédéric Bruneel 

Directors :

Ivan Fegyveres, Manuel Bousinhac, Myriam Vinocour

Cast :

Olivier Marchal, Erika Sainte, Lizzie Brocheré, Wallerand Denormandie, Salomé Richard, Victor Polster 

Format :

8* 52' 

Broadcasters : France 2, ZDF German Television

Coproducers : Maze Pictures, ZDF German Television, UMEDIA

In Partner with : France Télévisions, ZDF Enterprises UFUND, Tax Shelter Belge, Wallimage (Wallonie), SACEM, CNC 

A serie created by Jean-Christophe Grangé adapted from the book of Jean-Christophe Grangé - Editions Albin Michel