Falling in Love

2019 - TV movies


Life is what it is in Picardie. Kevin is 20, a 125cc bike, and a part time job in an industrial farm. Due to an accident, he is struck by Alice's smile. A smile leading to a dream and love. To be close to Alice who is an acrobatic horseback rider, he will learn to ride a horse. Changing one's life is possible. He believes it. To fall, rise up, again and again, nothing scares him, in work or elsewhere. But Alice, she's not a dreamer. Hence for Kevin begins a perilous equestrian and sentimental trial. He will lose a couple feathers in the process but still have enough to take off. 


Written by :

 Alain Tasma, Pierre Grillet 

Executive Producer :

Thomas Anargyros 

Producer :

Sabine Barthélémy 

Line Producer :

Frédéric Bruneel  

Director :

Alain Tasma 

Cast :

 Benjamin Voisin, Margot Bancilhon, Olivier Loustau, Aloïse Sauvage

Format :


Broadcaster : Arte, TV5Monde
Coproducer : ARTE France
In partner with : Pictanovo, Région Hauts-de-France, TV5 Monde, Mediawan Rights, CNC 


ADAMI Award for Most Promising Young Actor for Benjamin Voisin
Nouvelle-Aquitaine Southwest Reader Award at the Festival de la Fiction de la Rochelle 2017 
Award Télémaques 2020/2021



Thierry Valletoux - Storia Television


Thierry Valletoux - Storia Television


Thierry Valletoux - Storia Television


Thierry Valletoux - Storia Television


Thierry Valletoux - Storia Television