A Broken Man

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Business lawyer, loving father and husband, Vincent Sorrente is a fulfilled man, living the life he always dreamed of. And yet... After a bad encounter with a stranger, he unwittingly takes a date rape drug, and wakes up one morning with contusions on his face and some blood between his legs. Vincent has been raped. Nothing will ever be the same. Wounded and offended, Vincent is drowning. He will have to fight to restore his self-worth and recover his dignity. Who is he now? What kind of a husband and father can he still be? How to face his family, his coworkers, the memory of his abuser? What does it mean to be a man nowadays? And how to feel like a man again? 


Written by :

Pierre Linhart 

Executive Producer :

Thomas Anargyros

Producer :

Sabine Barthélémy 

Line Producer :

Frédéric Bruneel 

Director :

Philippe Triboit 

Cast :

Yannick Choirat, Anne Marivin, Jérémy Gillet, Léana Dubourg 

Format :


Broadcasters : France 2, TV5 Monde

Coproducers : France Télévisions

In Partner With : Région Grand Est, Eurométopole de Strasbourg, TV5 Monde, ANGOA, PROCIREP – société des producteurs, Mediawan Rights , CNC


Award for Best Actor (Yannick Choirat) at the 2019 edition of the Festival de la Fiction TV de la Rochelle
Best director at the Luchon Festival 2020
Audience Prize at the Luchon Festival 2020
Awards for Best Actor (Yannick Choirat), Best director and Audience Award at the Festival de Luchon 2020Best TV Film at the Venice TV Awards 2020




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Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions


Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions


Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions


Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions


Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions


Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions


Benoît Linder-La Dee Da Productions